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panorama of Kagel Landing Zone by Pelicanh panorama of Kagel Landing Zone by Pelicanh
A gathering in the landing area after a good day of hang gliding. This is an old photo. There is now a nice gazeebo built about where the tent is and storage tubes for hang gliders.
If you draw a line straight up from the pink stripped umbrella, that is the mountain peak we launched off of.
On a good day (like this one) those of us who are advanced pilots (I have a Master rating) race each other. We'd fly East (to the right of the photo) about 12 miles (about 5 times further than you can see in the photo), turn and come back then fly West about 10 miles. We'd keep doing laps and try to outrun each other. Occasionally, one of us would get too low and not be able to glide back to the landing area here. When that happened, someone would have to go pick up the poor unfortunate and we'd all give him a good razzing. It was all in good fun - uh - unless it was me. I've ended up landing in people's back yard (long as the yard was big enough), soccer fields, I interrupted a baseball game once and landed on the pitcher's mound!
Usually we'd fly for a few hours and then fly out to land. FUN!
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May 25, 2012
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