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Razorblade by Pelicanh Razorblade by Pelicanh
Even after 35 years of being a professional photographer, I feel compelled to hone my craft. I feel driven to improve in every aspect of what I do.
Over the years I have taken the time to give myself assignments. I dreamed up this assignment last night about 3AM. The assignment was to photograph a razor blade floating in water.
So today I got a razor blade, put vaseline on the back of it (so it would float), then with two small wires, I gently lowered it onto the top of a pan of water. I lined the pan with matte black tin foil.
I took a 750K hot light (any flood light will do) and bounced it off a white wall to light the razor blade.
As I was shooting it I noticed the reflection of an overhead flourescent light and I liked how the reflection bent around the razor because of the water tension. SO, this is what I came up with. Partly planned and partly being open to serendipity.
ISO160 f14 @ 1/10sec Color temperature 2800K
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June 21, 2012
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