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October 1, 2012
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MLH10/1/12 by Pelicanh MLH10/1/12 by Pelicanh
Years ago I worked in a photo lab. One of the requirements for the job was to take a color test to check color acuity. Much to my surprise my color vision was extremely high. Essentially there is average color vision, then on one side are people who are color blind to a greater or lesser degree, and on the other side are those of us who have high color acuity vision.
Whenever I tell people this, they always respond by saying,"Wow...that's so cool!"
I have no idea whether it is or isn't because when people agree something is red, no one knows what the other person truly sees.
SO, it's just the way I am... like being skinny, wrinkled, and with a substantial proboscis.
I would LOVE to be in the mind of so many people... such as DaVinci, Michelangelo, or Beethoven... for just a minute, to see what and how they see.
Even greater is the metaphor of it... even though I am often struck by the myopia and color blindness of the masses should we not be more tolerant knowing others don't necessarily see the world as we do?
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morningstarskid Nov 28, 2013  Professional Artist
you live in a great color filled world..... :lol:
Pelicanh Nov 29, 2013  Professional Photographer
yeppers! :)
morningstarskid Nov 29, 2013  Professional Artist
Interesting that we both had the same thought, a few years apart: looking at everything through the lens of our cameras, including ourselves.

My take on it is Through a Glass But Darkly. You like?

Great minds and all that... ok, yours is greater, but I'm chuffed on the shared thought thing.  ;)

Love your work.  :D
Pelicanh Jul 28, 2013  Professional Photographer
wonderful shot you did!
Yea - I sometimes have an idea then see it somewhere else! lol Nothing enjoy, eh?? 
Thanks!  Glad you like it.

I know the feeling about ideas.  Love your stuff, mate.  :D
Aaahh it finally dawned on me who this reminds me of................David Caruso. This could be the opening of Miami CSI. The shades are cool enough!
If color can change that much what does that say for reality?
Alembic-Lynx Dec 21, 2012  Professional Photographer
cool dude your the hippest cool papa now hope you all have a merry christmas and happy squid time
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