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I've been SOOO busy lately and also shooting a lot out of town. I also turned 60 on March 26th. Perry Gallagher :iconperrygallagher: came over and shot this of me paying homage to Helmut Newton. This shot was the brain child of his girlfriend, Gina. I LOVE the series, so I have to thank Gina for the idea and Perry for shooting it so masterfully. Two dear friends who, when they come up with a goofy idea, they know they can count me in!!!

I'm working on a journal about how it feels to turn 60. To know that, even if all goes well, my life is probably still 2/3 over!!! To know that last third will have some tough times and it WILL have an ending.
To know I can no longer physically do some of the things I used to do without thinking... like jump down from a 5-6 foot height. To know my physical capacities AND my mental capacities will begin to be compromised more and more.
To know that with the awareness of those present and future compromises, there will be MANY MANY more adventures AND that I've never been happier... it just keeps getting better and better.
I love life more than ever. I am dedicated to living it to the fullest and making a beautiful journey of it until I become, once again, star stuff.
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April 12, 2010
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